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Board of Directors:


Alicia Bieder, Secretary 2015-2016

Director 2015 (partial)

Alicia Bieder lives in Atlanta, GA and fell in love with the breed while in college.


Since she knew that life would be hectic as a student and she would be traveling

a lot for work she waited seven years to apply for her own AKK. In fact, on her

first date with her now husband she gave a disclaimer that "if this works out,

you need to know I'm getting this dog whether you like it or not!" Thank goodness

her husband, Ian, loves AKK just as much and supports Alicia's slight obsession.


She started with just one dog, Kodah, who is a complete sweetheart. He loves

people, is great with Alicia's one year old daughter and enjoys chasing the laser pointer tirelessly. They work together in conformation and will be starting agility very soon. Additionally, she just added two puppies so now she has a pack! She works as a sale rep for a printing company, loves to travel, spend time at the dog park and eat ice cream! She has a type A personality so is driven to get things done and is excited about bringing new energy to the AKKAOA board this year.