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Bob Cook Spirit of AKKAOA

The Bob Cook Spirit of AKKAOA Award is intended to be given to the breeder-member who best fits the profile of an ideal AKKAOA member. This person should be one who shows a capacity for understanding the meaning and ideal of the workings of the Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America, dedication to bettering the breed, and has a spirit of fun and camaraderie.

We are now accepting nominations for the 2019 winner!
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Amzing people that have been honored with this award!


Bob as Little Red Riding Hood at 2005 AKKAOA Picnic

From Eileen Gregory, the first recipient of the Bob Cook Spirit of AKKAOA Award:

I know that I have been remiss in not responding sooner to Mary Jones for accepting the award in my behalf and for so much time and effort to get the box mailed to me. I received the box a few days ago and am really rather emotional about being the recipient.


Bob Cook was VERY special to me. He quickly won a special place in my heart. We spent lots of telephone time, e-mail time, and personal visit time together. He picked my brain with great questions, some that I could not really answer. In turn I picked his brain & learned many things from him.


I was delighted when his family decided to continue with our dogs and continue to try to help our breed develop in the right ways. This is a special family than many of us have learned from and will always have fond memories of.


I vividly recall one time when I had been accused of something that was not at all true, and I called Bob in tears. I told him that my gut feeling was to reply with all my hurt, anger and frustration being exposed. I did not disclose to him the name of the accuser, and I think he was grateful for that. Bob listened — and listened — and listened. I finally ran out of breath and admitted that I didn’t know what to do. Then he quietly said that he was going to repeat to me what I had told him several times before,


—- “Before you do or say anything, think carefully and then ask yourself if your words or actions are going to help others get along better, and in the long run will your actions or words help a bad situation heal, or will it add fuel to the heat of the situation and allow it to grow.”


It sounded rather weird to hear my own words repeated back to me, but needless to say I did not reply to the accuser, and I was so grateful that Bob was there for me to talk to. How I miss him !


I am proud of the Board of Directors of AKKAOA for developing this award, and am grateful to the Committee for their efforts. I know it was not an easy decision to make and I am very honored to have been chosen.


Thank you all so much for the congratulations and for the good wishes for the future. We really do have some special people who are owners, breeders, handlers, or just enthusiasts of our breed. I wish I could meet all of you in person, but that is a wish that will never come true.


Hugs and Best Wishes,

Eileen Gregory