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Barbara Wiebelhaus, Treasurer 2019-2021

I am a life long lover of dogs, retired Air Force, wife and Mom living south of Junction City, Kansas with my husband and our fur kids.  We moved here from Manhattan, KS in July 2018. I lived in Manhattan, KS starting in Jan 2009 when Alan and I moved there  from North Dakota. We moved to North Dakota in July 1999 from Colorado.  Colorado Springs, CO was where we met Eileen and Greg Gregory, and their AKK puppies, as they were answering questions and handing out information about the Alaskan Klee Kai Breed one morning in 1996.  I just knew I had to get one of these beautiful little huskies, they were so cute and so small. I would go out and visit Eileen and Greg and help with the AKK to get to know the breed. 


In March 1997 Eileen called me and said she had one available for me, and that was when we bought Niki, our first AKK.  She was a Black and White double brown eyed beauty.  We were just getting a pet, but Eileen called prior to Niki being spayed to ask if we would consider holding off spaying her and consider breeding, because she looked like she would be a nice breeding quality female.  Well we did, and now we do.  Nikishka grew up to be a stocky little toy sized female of only 8 pounds, but she had good bone structure, and that is what started it all. Niki had such a wonderful character and such great personality, we were taken in by her charms.  We decided it would be great to become breeders to do what we could to help the breed grow so more people could know the joy we found in these little cuties.  That was when we knew we had to find a stud dog for our breeding program and we found Moses (our foundation Stud) he grew up to be an awesome male, as a puppy he was so laid back you could hold him in your hand and rub his belly and he’d fall right to sleep, He was the friendliest and most outgoing AKK we had ever known at that time.  When his first litter was born he heard the squeal of the puppies and he just had to peek in and see what he had done.  Niki did not mind Moses looking in on his puppies.   This breed has a large piece of my heart and I have learned a lot about them, and keep learning new things all the time. I have many wonderful people in my life because of the AKK as well. 

I am a past Vice President of the Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America (AKKAOA), as well as a volunteer for the AKKNR and past member of the AKKAOA Constitution and By-Laws Committee. Hard to believe it’s been 23 years since meeting this breed and the Gregory’s and 22 years since we welcomed our first AKK into our home and hearts. I’m honored to be the new Treasurer for AKKAOA and look forward to the future with this club and this breed.