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Board of Directors:


Megahn Murphy, Secretary 2018-2020

Meghan joined the AKKAOA Board of Directors in November as Interim Secretary. Meghan is excited to help with the AKKAOA as she is very "type A", loves to organize, is very creative, and is always open to new experiences.
About 4 years ago, her and her husband, Louis, and started looking into getting a fur sibling for our first dog, Thisbe, a blind shiba-corgi-chihuahua mix. Quickly we settled on the adorable spunkiness of the Klee Kai. However, Louis wanted us to wait to get a pup. Then during a trip to Vegas he tricked Meghan into riding the ride on the top of the Stratosphere Hotel. Meghan doesn't like rides and really didn't like that one! Louis felt so bad, he agreed to let her get an AKK puppy!! So along came Jack from Itzy Bitzy Huskies the following spring. Jack and Thisbe are amazing together, they play, they cuddle, but Meghan and Louis don't think Jack knows that Thisbe is blind. I love my little pack and love taking them places and spreading the word about AKK and special needs dogs. She cannot imagine a day without either of her fluff babies. Meghan hopes that during her time as Secretary
that we can all work together to make amazing strides for the breed!