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UKC Top Ten Standings

The UKC Top Ten program recognizes the top-ranking show dogs in each breed every year. From January 1 to December 31 of each year, a “regular licensed class” (not spayed/neutered) show dog is automatically awarded Top Ten points every time he/she wins a “Best of Breed” (BoB) award. Using the Alaskan Klee Kai (AKK) breed as an example, an AKK BoB winner receives one point for each AKK dog defeated in the same competition, provided that there are at least two AKK of any sex correctly entered and shown in that show. The number of dogs that are disqualified or excused from competition does not count for Top Ten points.

Some common strategies for accumulating Top Ten points are: 

(1) “win big” – the dog wins BoB in one large competition over many entries (for example, a BoB win at UKC Premier, or Claremont AKKAOA Specialty, that usually have 21+ AKK participating in “regular licensed class” competition, would allow the winner to collect 20+ points); or 

(2) “win lots” – the dog wins BoB many times in small competitions over few entries (for example, 10 BoB wins at various shows with a total of 3 “regular licensed class” dogs entered each time, would allow the winner to collect 20 points). 


It takes the combined effort of an outstanding dog, a remarkable handler, dedication and hard work to earn Top Ten ranking by participating in competitions across the nation and under different judges.


The final Top Ten results are tallied by January 31 of the year following the competition year. The ten top-ranked dogs in each breed may be invited to participate in a Top Ten invitational competition held, usually at the UKC Premier event, in the same following year.

You can track the current Top Ten Standings on UKC’s website located here: UKC TOP 10 BREED STANDINGS

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