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Committees & Volunteers   (as of March 2021)


  • Make annual recommendations to the BOD of appropriate nominees for various awards including, but not limited to: Honorary Membership, Life-Time Membership, A PAW, Bob Cook Spirit of AKKAOA, the Gail Compton Sportsmanship Award and Showmanship Award

  • Identify and submit proposals to the Board for any new or special awards that should be given to recognize members for their actions or contributions

  • Receive and review award applications (submitted by members)

  • Compose article for AKKAOA newsletter describing awards and winners when selected 

  • Send award winner information to AKKAOA website admin when selected

  • Post to various social media sites and send email request to Membership Secretary encouraging note to members to participate in nominating at the beginning of each year and prior to annual picnic.

  • Send monthly report to the BOD Secretary on current and upcoming activities

  • Order plaques for annual award winners

 Chair – Terry Wright

Mediation Committee:

  • Inactive until mediation need arises

  • Committee members are appointed as needed by the BOD – one chairperson and 2 members

  • Appoint committee member as mediator for conflicts that require dispute resolution between breeders, breeder/ members and members

  • Function in a fact finding and advisory capacity to the BOD

Chair – Alexis Babcock

Members – Brock Flint, Russell Gross


ERR (Education, Recruitment and Retention Committee):

  • Serve as “link” for members that express interest in how to get more involved with AKKAOA and participate in UKC/ ARBA events

  • Responsible for publication and distribution of all AKKAOA printed and digital resources and making sure they are sent to the AKKAOA website admin to be added

  • Review the AKKAOA website quarterly to ensure available documents are current and appropriate

  • Develop and maintain a list of most important AKK FAQ’s and relevant educational articles

  • Serve as the “voice” of AKKAOA on social media sites, including but not limited to Facebook by educating owners of activities/ opportunities for engagement in the community

  • Contact and send press releases to dog magazines and internet newsletters to spark interest in doing articles on the Alaskan Klee Kai; suggest and assist in writing of advertisements for national media for AKKAOA

  • Work closely with the membership secretary to plan and execute bi-annual membership drive

  • Keep apprised of current number of memberships (new and renewing)

  • Send out annual bi-annual invitation to breeders to encourage their own AKKAOA membership/ involvement and recommendation for new pet owners to become members

  • Send monthly report to the BOD on current and upcoming activities

Chair – Lori Stoltz

Member – Christina Sharpe

EAP (Expo and Annual Picnic) Committee: 

  • Plan the annual picnic and all activities involved including: 

    • set up for AKKAOA general meeting

    • organize educational programs, seminars, or demonstrations

    • coordinate pet fun match

  • Work directly with Show Committee to ensure smooth schedule

  • Reserve, set up booth for CA Pet Expo and staff the booth while it is open to the general public  Participate in Expo activities, i.e. ‘dogs on parade’, demonstrations, educational sessions, etc, to create awareness for the breed

  • Work with ERR committee to encourage members/ community guests to attend the annual picnic and meeting 

  • Collaborate with the ERR Committees to prepare collateral needed to provide information to Pet Expo visitors

  • Send seasonal report to the BOD on current and upcoming activities

  • Send event information to AKKAOA Newsletter and Website Admin seasonally so it can be added to the calendar

** Annual Meeting and Picnic rotates to different regions each year **

Chair – Terry Wright

Health and Medical Research Committee:

  • Develop and oversee research pertaining to the health of the AKK  

  • Compile case study questionnaires submitted by AKK owners to gather information/ statistics and submit them to the AKK On-line database when appropriate 

  • Promote health education for members/ owners of AKK by serving as a resource for questions 

  • Promote a global exchange of information regarding the health of the AKK  

  • Monitor forums/ encourage members to report health issues and discuss commonalities with breeders/ owners 

  • Work with website admin to update recommended health testing guide as needed; publish AKK Case Reports annually on the website and in the newsletter 

  • Send monthly report to the BOD on current and upcoming activity

Chair – Sheila Sweet


  • Be the go to for questions about "the beginning" and if you can't answer help point inquirer in the right direction

  • Submit a “Fun Facts from the Past” or older photo along with summary/ explanation in each newsletter for the new History Corner

  • Ongoing responsibility will be to help the club keep a list of achievements, special activities and projects throughout the year. Submit this list to website admin quarterly. It does not need to be very detailed just a timeline overview. For example, we would want to list specialty show dates and locations.

Chair – Sherry Holloway

Newsletter Committee:

  • Publish the club’s newsletter “AKK News” 6 times per year – January, March, May, July, September, and November

  • Work with all committee chairs and members to source relevant information and photos

  • Work with Club Historian to source information for the newsletter’s History Corner

  • Committee is consisted of a chairperson (the Newsletter Editor) and members, which includes (but not limited to) columnists, writers and Club Historian

**All materials are the property of the Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America; All materials and information submitted for publication are subject to modification by the Editor in to comply with regulations and may be limited by available space **

Chair – Lisa Matzdorff

Nominating Committee:

  • Inactive until needed, appointed by the BOD

  • Solicit nominations for Association officers and Directors

  • Notify the individuals nominated of their selection for the ballot

  • Obtain and report information on nominees to Secretary by January 15th of each year

Chair – TBD


RG (Regional Groups) Committee:

  • Organize and host regional meet ups/ play dates and encourage attendance at UKC shows

  • Monitor social groups and encourage them to become formal regional groups

  • Identify large/ active regions and suggest new locations to the EAP/ Show Committee for annual event locations

  • Identify core group of volunteers in each region for assisting the EAP and Show Committee

  • Send regional meet up and play date information to the AKKAOA website admin to be added to the calendar

  • This committee does not have a chairperson, and committee members shall consist of current leaders of each Regional Group:

    • Golden West Group (GWG)

    • Platinum East Group (PEG)

    • Canadian AKK Enthusiasts (CAKKE)

Chair – TBD

Show Committee:

  •  Plan all AKKAOA sponsored show activities including but not limited to: 

    • Submit estimated budget for shows to the BOD as soon as possible

    • Arrange with Treasurer to obtain checks needed for making necessary payments for show expenses.

    • Arrange for getting Evidence of Insurance for upcoming event

    • Develop a list of duties that each show requires that can then be distributed amongst those volunteering to work on the show.

    • Work with the Fundraising and Marketing Committee to develop flyer for show/events

    • Provide receipts to treasurer or all expenditures for putting on show.

  • During the planning stages of each show obtain a list of potential helpers from the RG committee for the location in which show is held

  • Develop and implement a plan for AKKAOA to qualify and maintain our Rally-O, Agility and Weight Pull licensesEncourage all owners to participate with their AKK in:

    • Conformation

    • Performance

    • Seminars

  • Give positive critiques and suggestions for ring performance to AKK owners

Chair – Sheila Sweet

Member – Lara Luke

Fund Raising and Marketing Committee:

  • Work with the ERR Committee to design AKKAOA printed/ digital resources

  • Maintain and enforce logo usage guidelines, notify the BOD of misuse

  • Develop AKK and/or AKKAOA Merchandise

  • Plan and execute all fundraising activities during the year; ideas to be presented at the February BOD meeting

  • Coordinate eBay auctions and calendar sales/ production

  • Work with the Treasurer to identify solutions to cover unforeseen financial needs

  • Send monthly report to the BOD on current and upcoming activity

Chair – Tracy Blazier


Tally Committee:

  • Inactive until elections, appointed each year by the BOD - 1 chairperson and 2 members as per By-Laws

  • Tally the votes for the annual election per By-Laws

  • Report the results to the Secretary by June 1st

Members  TBD



  • Work with the ERR to obtain educational articles, photos, and other relevant information to be published on the website 

  • Develop and maintain procedures for submitting/ posting new data 

  • Any error or dysfunction will be fixed within 72 hours of notification of the problem

  • Material submitted for publication on the website will be in AKKAOA brand font, or a commonly used format as approved by the Board

  • Prior to making any changes public to the website have one additional committee member review for accurate content, grammar and spelling

Chair – Nancy Yip

Regional Groups
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